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POP-Stopper-IE 1.2.6

No Image Popup Remover. POP-Stopper-IE is the only popup removal software that also stops window resizing. POP-Stopper-IE is also then only popup removal software that gives you a second chance on blocked popups. All other popup removal software do not even let you know what popups it removes. Suppose you went to your bank online and they had an important notice that you need to know about that they tell you with a popup, POP-Stopper-IE give you that chance

BPS Popup Shield BPS Popup Shield is a powerful program for blocking announig pop-ups.
BPS Popup Shield

With BPS Popup Shield you can disable blocking popups whenever you want, and you can choose which popups to block and which to allow. BPS Popup Shield provides pop-ups blocking for Internet Explorer, Netscape and Opera. BPS Popup Shield also gives you the option to play an audio alert when a popup window is blocked. BPS Popup Shield displays you an alert message indicating that a popup window is caught.

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Javascript Popup Window 3.3: Add javascript popup windows to your web site in a couple of minutes!
Javascript Popup Window 3.3

popup and dragging to the desired size. * To close the popup, just click the box in the corner. * Scrollbars will automatically appear if the content inside the popup exceeds the dimensions. * Click the minimize box to "minimize" the popup. This will shrink the popup. * To "restore" the popup, click the restore box. This will restore the popup to its original size. * You can configure the popups to appear or not appear if the user returns to the

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ID AntiPopup 1.2: ID AntiPopup is a top quality blocking program of all troublesome popup windows.
ID AntiPopup 1.2

popup windows that you wish to see and the ones you want to disregard. Main Features: - Blocks unwanted pop-ups - Shows popup windows at request - Prevents harmful PC attacks - Automatically removes re-tracked popups - Searches for dangerous popup windows Detailed features: - Blocks or unblocks popups that will show-up when surfing over the Internet. ID AntiPopup can disable all popups from interfering with you viewing a certain web-site and can

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GL-AD Popup Terminator 1.81: Kill those annoying Ad Popup Windows with this intelligent popup killer.
GL-AD Popup Terminator 1.81

popup windows should not be killed, disable/enable ad popup killer, disable/enable tray icon, or even return Internet Explorer context-menu to its original settings. Get this smart popup killer and surf without pesky popup ad now! Some Features: - Automatically runs and kills popup when you start Internet Explorer. - Messenger popup blocker integrated.[For Windows 2000/XP] - Prevent modeless dialog popup, a new breed of ad popup. - Takes up minimal

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Advanced DHTML Popup Ultimate 4.0.3: HTML Popup and exit popup creator that requires no Javascript/HTML knowledge
Advanced DHTML Popup Ultimate 4.0.3

popup window and has a simple method of compiling and attaching the created HTML popup to your web pages. Advanced DHTML Popup allows you to create easily an html popup that slides in your web pages, an HTML popup that drops down, or HTML popup that appear on mouseover or other events on the webpage. The HTML Popup windows produced by the product are cross-browser and users can customize the look and presence of the popup, the time they will appear

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Popup Sweeper PopUp Sweeper enables you to close those annoying pop-up windows
Popup Sweeper

Popup Sweeper prevents multiple popups appear rapidly one after another. Popup Sweeper enables blocking unsolicited and in-your-face floating popup ads. Popup Sweeper enables blocking unsolicited and in-your-face floating popup ads. Popup Sweeper also gives you the option to play an audio alert when a popup window is blocked. Additionally, you can disable blocking popups whenever you want. Pop Up Shield is full-featured with everything you would

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